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Mobilo® 5 Fireman 5 Children


Mobilo Accessory Pack Includes 5 Firemen and 5 Children Compatible with all Mobilo Construction sets

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Mobilo® Figures Mixed Light


Figures for fairy tales, stories and dialogues. The Mobilo family brings Mobilo vehicles and buildings to life. They encourage children to slip into various roles and perfectly adapted to children’s hands to be used as finger puppets.

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Mobilo® Turn Elements


The Mobilo turn element is the connector that makes it all go round and around, you can see the turn elements in use with the Mobilo Solar Rotor. Sold 20 per pack.

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Mobilo® Family Pack Light


Mobilo Light Family Pack. Bring your Mobilo creations to life with our light family pack; the pack contains 9 pieces, including a Mum and Dad’s head, 2 children heads, cubes, connectors and a bell

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Mobilo® Outer Cross and Inner Connectors


This Mobilo accessory pack contains Outer Connectors, Inner Connectors and Cross Connectors.

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Mobilo® Large Wheels


The Mobilo large wheel, at 72mm, it’s double the old wheels’ size, making it twice as much fun! Twelve wheels to a pack.

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Mobilo® Quarter Circles


The pack contains 10 geometric quarter circles and 2 faces, 1 fireman and 1 child.

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Mobilo® Solar Experience Kit


Mobilo Solar Experience Kit. Build solar-driven toys like helicopters, planes, windmills and lots more; just use your imagination! The Mobilo Solar Experience Kit contains 14 pieces, including a solar rotor; the solar cell drives a tiny electric motor.

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